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A Chicago native, Alan Adilman has a BA in Industrial Design from the Center of Creative Studies in Detroit. From there he has built his creative aesthetic and design sense. Following a 4-year stint working in Japan for Mazda as a conceptual car designer, Alan created a company that designs one-of-a-kind products, Propeller Lab Works. At his day job, he creates fixture and display designs for mass merchandisers. Alan is able to tie these very different disciplines into a cohesive talent and express this in his art, and as the obvious mechanical arm of AlKa.


Kasia Gladys Adilman grew up in Poland and has been living in the U.S. since 1995. She has a master’s degree in Art Education from Silesia University in Poland. Kasia brings the sensitivity to AlKa, due to her expertise in various design settings. She is a floral designer, fine art sculptor and a free-hand sketch artist. Kasia can easily express your idea in any visual format, a successful complement to Alan’s mechanical side.


Alka was created out of the need for a release of design talent and personal expressions. Alan and Kasia started AlKa Creative a few years ago as a creative outlet, initially doing one-of-a-kind art for friends and family. As they have meshed their various experiences and art aesthetics to form one cohesive team, they can offer clients a unique perspective and talent to create a piece that no one else has. Fusion of both styles brings uniqueness to each handmade piece of art.

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At AlKa Creative, we exist to create what is in your mind’s eye. That is why we take a complete, collaborative approach from beginning to finished product.

Step One – Interact

Alan and Kasia meet with you face-to-face or via Skype to hear what you envision. Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or a specialty item that you dream of but cannot find, we brainstorm and collectively reach an agreement and a direction.

Step Two – Illustrate

We begin the creative process with Kasia drawing sketches. Her rough drawings become refined Illustrations, which you then review to make certain we are headed in the right direction.

Step Three – Ideate

Based on the agreed-upon direction, Alan and Kasia discuss the illustration, the piece’s scale, the desired materials, and the intended finished result.

Step Four – Interpret

Alan works with his hands in order to form, weld, and bring the thought into three-dimensional existence. We work until the creation matches the initial concept.

Finished Product

Integrate. We can offer input to help place the piece into your environment for a natural feel.


Alka – beautiful life’s moments

Tree Branch – Life is an ongoing adventure of growth, change, and memories. Illustrated a beautifully imperfect tree, very organic in nature, is translated into heavy metal structure. The result is a unique yet beautifully unusual place to display life’s moments.
Biker – To challenge yourself you must push to your limits. Biker captures one’s “personal race” of 60 years. Look closely to “60” captured within the bike’s wheels.
SkateSkateSkate Skate – Graceful moves captured in marks left on the perfect ice surface. Sculpture made to celebrate one woman’s love for skating.

TrailsTrails Trellis – Gateless  gate to the garden is a nod to Zen philosophy. Designed and build to fit clients size specification. Beautiful all year round, comes to life with spring blooms.



Globe – “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  Scrap Fest is part of Old Town Festival in Lansing. Teams have one hour to gather no more than 500 pounds of metal from the scrap yard and the goal is to make an original work of art in two weeks with nothing more than what was found.

Globe represents our world made up of many unique continents. As humans we all want to reach higher goals, rocket ourselves into the future. We must consider to use our earthly resources responsibly to ensure the future of the planet for next generations.

Racer – Speed – one of human kind desires and pleasures. In this piece
someone’s name is morphed into favorite vehicle of speed. Aaron becomes a race car.

Kasia’s work

BookBook Page

Book PageBook PageSanta


Illustrations – Based on clients taste, need and budget. Created in close collaboration with customer. The most extensive project to date is illustrating Tanya Kuza’s  children sign language book “Everyday Signs for the Newborn Baby”.  Book was created in close collaboration with American Sign Language educators to ensure accuracy of illustrations.  It earned Silver Winner Benjamin Franklin Award.

InviteGraphicLogo Concept



Graphic design – logos, flyers, invitations. Custom design in various styles to satisfy personal preferences.
Lovers Sculpture – This one has a special place in Kasia’s heart being a gift to her husband on the day of their wedding. Organic form of two bodies and souls becoming one was her inspiration.
Venus – jewelry display sculpted for “MET Merchandising Concepts” displays accessories in unique way.
Body Casting – body casting allows developing mannequin in particular size and pose, with all real body anatomy per customer requests.
Decorative Floral Panels – developed for MET Merchandising Company hand sculpted reliefs become decorative, antique finished mass produced plaques for department stores.
Miscellaneous Risers – sculpted for store displays.
Faux finishing – gold and silver leafing, marble, stone wood finishes – turn plain objects into sophisticated decoratives.
Hand painted Pillows – painted for “Eastern Accents” – hand painted images painted on canvas became accent pillows.
Murals – a way of adding personal touch to your surroundings.
Giftware Design – wide array of unique specialty products developed for “Design PAC” leading giftware company, art of giving brings a challenge of doing it in a tasteful manner. Basket designs from food collections, trough spa and kids themed baskets opened up another branch of creativity, great addition to Kasia’s floral experience.
Plates Unique Home and Garden Décor & Gifts – Ongoing freelance relation with Collection Etc. has produced many exclusive designs for gift ware items ranging from dolls, sculptures, decorative garden elements, seasonal items to throws, area rugs and textiles.This part of creative side of Kasia’s work creates ongoing personal challenge to cater to the customers taste and style rather than herself.

Alan’s work

Rocket Lamp – A found-object project, this is a dynamic lamp that invites you to touch and engage with it. It’s made from a wood table leg, a glass ring and LED lights.
Record Lamp – A play on old-school vinyl record changers, co-created with Jeff Veltman. This intriguing piece is made with a functioning record player that also works as a lamp. The lamp is made of real vinyl records and uses a fluorescent bulb.
Shoji Screen – This was Alan’s birthday gift to his wife, Kasia. It’s a very traditional design transformed to an industrial version. Metal replaces wood and etched plastic replaces rice paper to create this one-of-a-kind Shoji screen.
Credenza – A matching piece to the Shoji screen. Made of glass and squared tubing; rectangle table nicely complements vertical screen.
Rock Lamp – A balanced mixture of organic and industrial components. Base is made of a rock with an oversized on/off turn switch and a flexible metal light arm.
Étagère – Developed for a customer looking for a unique shelving unit to display pictures and books. Made of found objects, metal and glass.
Roto Lamp – Lamp was made to order. Base of the lamp is made of airplane rotor per customer’s request.
Dreidel – A new “spin” on traditional symbol. Sleek design makes this wall-hanging sculpture very contemporary as an exceptional piece of Judaica.


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